Synergistic Reflects Fundamental Shifts In Client Demands



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With the robust age diversity of our team members there are plenty of folks here who can remember when “agencies” could expect and depend upon a consistent list of work from clients – a certain number of TV spots, print ads, promo assets, social media posts, etc. But determining how a concept might come to life is so 2003.

To better align with client needs, Synergistic pitches our clients ideas – and our ability to strategically execute them – vs. the specific delivery vehicle. And all of this reflects a change in what clients actually need.

A recent Fast Company article (Wieden+Kennedy’s layoffs represent a big shift in the advertising industry) proves a larger shift in the industry: the bulk of heavy lifting, and consequently agency staffing, should now lean much heavier toward the creative and strategy side of things, rather than production. All of which explains the wave of big lay-offs at most agencies – the number of full-time staffers required for daily production efforts is much lower now.

In 2024 so far, AdAge reported layoffs at Havas, Interpublic’s R/GA and Huge; WPP’s Ogilvy and Grey; Stagwell’s Anomaly; and independent agency Mother – and it simply signals a change in what clients are willing to pay for.

It’s clear the ad industry is shifting to reflect a change in client demand. Welcome aboard. Synergistic was ahead of the curve since our inception. In fact, we’ve been offering “Growth-as-a-Service” for companies with aspirational goals that want to supercharge their growth efforts. And we do it by partnering synergistically with existing marketing + sales teams to place business objectives and customer needs at the center of a powerful marketing + media strategy that solves problems and unlocks potential.

It boils down to three things: Ideas, ideas, ideas.

What began as a super-group of believers on a mission to help others grow, has itself grown 10X because of a strong dedication to getting growth done.

From upstream strategy to downstream conversion (and every stream in between), our growth engines are always revving and ready to deliver the will that finds the way – providing the can-do solutions (in whatever form they may ultimately take) to your most pressing challenges.

Synergistic can help put your marketing (and growth!) into overdrive because anything less results in leaving money on the table.

To learn more about putting marketing at the core of your growth strategy, reach out today – we can’t wait to hear more about you and your business goals.


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